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Fortitude Specialty Manufacturing provides a complete range of custom manufactured backdraft dampers including exhaust, intake and counterbalanced dampers for many industries including companies in the petrochemical, power generation and construction industries.

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What are Back Draft Dampers?

At the most basic level, a damper is an adjustable plate, or assembly of plates, which is used to control or to alternately block and allow a draft or an airflow. Backdraft dampers are specifically designed to permit air to flow in only one direction.

Exhaust Dampers

An example of an exhaust backdraft damper application: These dampers can be used for an exhaust duct where air needs to flow out of a building, but outside air needs to be prevented from flowing in through that same duct. Generally, it would remain in a “closed” position except when air is flowing in the direction intended. The backdraft damper may be designed so that the airflow itself opens the damper to allow the exhaust to take place.

Intake Dampers

Intake backdraft dampers are the opposite of exhaust dampers. For example, back draft dampers in this instance would be used for a duct where air needs to flow into a building, but not flow out.

Counterbalanced Dampers

Counterbalanced backdraft dampers have weights or springs added to the blades in order to help or slow the opening or closing action as may be required.

Back draft dampers may be designed to be opened or closed manually or via a motor, if need be for the given application. We offer backdraft dampers in aluminum,stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Custom Dampers Formed to Fit Your Requirements

Fortitude Specialty has the ability to manufacture a unique and custom damper for your application. We excel at both prototyping and production runs. We manufacture backdraft dampers and all other products to each customer’s special requirements.

Our dampers are created through a metal forming process (not through a metal extrusion process), which gives us the flexibility required to manufacture a unique damper product that fits the requirements of each customer’s application. Fortitude Specialty’s metal forming process also allows for the manufacture of a damper that meets close tolerances.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • MIG and TIG welding of all alloys (GMAW, FCAW, GTAW certified welders and welding to ASME Sec. IX & AWS D1.1 code)
  • 12' press brakes up to 350 tons with CNC back gauging
  • Water jet precision cutting with a 12'x12' working envelope and dual cutting heads
  • Saw, torch, and plasma cutting
  • CNC precision shearing up to 12 ft. in 1/4" carbon steel, 3/8" aluminum and 3/16" stainless steel
  • CNC punching up to 1/4" plate
  • Rolling up to 1/4" x 8' long
  • CAD/CAM design and programming

Backdraft Damper Finishing Options

We have finishing options (powder coat or wet paint) available when needed. Although we are not paint experts by trade or claim to be, we do offer coating/application services through outside sources. All coating will be at the customer's request and specification. To ensure that our customers receive the proper coatings for their applications, we require the customer's approval on their specifications prior to coating. Fortitude Specialty does not make coating recommendations for any application. Essentially, you tell us the kind of coating or finish you need or prefer and we will make sure that coating or finish is applied properly.

Whether you have CAD drawings ready or just verbal instructions to provide, you can be confident that Fortitude Specialty has the experience, know-how and determination to follow-through on your project and manufacture custom backdraft dampers that will fit your application.

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