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industrial dampersFortitude Specialty Manufacturing can provide custom manufactured industrial dampers formed precisely to fit your specific requirements. We fabricate industrial dampers in a range of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized that are used to manufacture different damper types such as heavy duty, motorized and backdraft for our customers. Fortitude Specialty takes pride in delivering industrial dampers in a timely fashion at a competitive price and manufacturing them to a matchless standard of quality. Use our RFQ form at any time to find out how our array of flexible fabricating services can be applied to your project to satisfy your special requirements.

What are Dampers?

At the most basic level, industrial dampers are an adjustable plate, or assembly of plates, which is used to control or to alternately block and allow a draft or an air-flow. An example would be in a duct or chimney. Industrial dampers may be manually operated simply by means of adjusting a handle emanating from a duct. A damper may be used only in either a “fully-on” or a “fully-off” role. Alternatively, industrial dampers may be controlled by means of a motor or solenoid, and the degree of air-flow calibrated, perhaps according to signals from a thermostat going to the actuator of the damper in order to modulate the flow of air-conditioned air in order to effect climate control.

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Industries We Serve

Industries we have manufactured industrial dampers for include the petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, HVAC and construction industries. Diversification is a word that defines us here at Fortitude Specialty and we stand eager to meet your particular and special need for custom manufactured dampers.

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