Metal Louvers

metal LouversAt Fortitude Specialty Manufacturing, we take pride in manufacturing custom industrial louvers for a variety of customers in the petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, construction and other industries. We are a custom precision metal fabricator whose guiding lights are diversification and flexibility, so you can be sure we stand ready and eager to tackle your louver fabrication project and provide you with a product that fits your requirements to a tee. From prototype to production, Fortitude Specialty is equipped to deliver the custom manufactured louver that your application demands.

Louver Materials

We custom manufacture and fabricate industrial louvers and all of our products in 304 and 316 stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, and carbon steel. Here at Fortitude we have the experience to work with any CAD drawings you have or verbal instructions to follow-through on your project and manufacture custom industrial louvers that will fit your application.

What Is a Louver?

A louver is an assembled collection of slanted blades (plates or fins) that are designed to permit a flow of air while deflecting things such as objects, dirt, or wind-driven water. Here at Fortitude we offer different types of louvers for different industrial applications. Decorative/arch louvers for appearance, gable louvers for attic space ventilation, stamped louvers and industrial louvers for harsher industrial environments.

Louvers By Type Louvers By Material

What Are The Differences Between Louvers And Dampers?

Need a movable or adjustable louver? You may need a damper for your application. Find out the differences between louvers and dampers.

While your louver can be custom manufactured to fit your requirements, here are some general and standard kinds of louvers that Fortitude Specialty Manufacturing can fabricate:

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